Big Buck Contest


What You Need To Know

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  • Annual Membership cost is 30.00
  • Youth Membership is free for 12 and under. This membership is not eligible for the other divisions unless the 30.00 MS fee is paid for. This must be done prior to harvesting the animal.
  • MS are from Aug 15 to Mar 15.
  • A person can enter multiple times but can only win in 1 division.
  • Entry can be done by phone, mail, internet, or at the Backyard Taxidermy shop.


  • If registered in person, that is the legal time of a persons registration. If registered by internet, 12 hours later will that person be legally entered into the contest. 


  • All trophies will be scored by an approved Backyard Taxidermy measurer. All scoring will take place at the BYT shop.  All scoring will be done by SCI guidelines unless otherwise noted. All antlered animals must have the cape attached to head. Any set of antlers without a cape will not be allowed into the contest. A minimum of 1 inch (1”) is required to score as a point.


  • Low fence: 
    • Animals harvested on property with no high fencing or game proof fencing.
  • High Fence:
    • Animals harvested only in a high fence property.  Penned deer or trapped deer in a high fence area are not allowed in the BBC.
  • Free youth:
    • Low fence or public land deer only allowed in this division. Youths are not eligible for the other divisions unless the annual membership is paid for before harvesting the animal.
  • Archery:
    • Cross bows are not eligible for this division. Animals must be harvested by bow and arrow only. See rules for disabled hunter.
  • Open:
    • Biggest spike (must have 2 main beams)
    • Widest spread (inside spread)
    • Heaviest Mass (total mass combined with 2 main beams)
    • Biggest 6pt
    • Biggest 7pt
    • Biggest 8pt
    • Biggest 9pt
      • All deer must have 2 main beams, any broke antlers must have a min of 1” to measure. 
    • Heaviest Doe: (antlerless deer with female sex organs)
    • Heaviest Wild Hog: (pen feed hogs are not eligible)

Rules and Regs: 

  • All Hunters must have a valid hunting license in the state the animal is harvested.
  • All hunters registered in the BBC must comply with rules and regulations with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. All tags must be properly filled out, any tags not attached to the animal or properly filled out could be subject to disqualification of the BBC.
  • All scoring sheets, photos, of the animals harvested become property of the BBC. These items may and could be used for advertising for the BBC.
  • All animals must be properly field dressed to get an accurate weight measurement.
  • No penned or trapped animals are eligible for the BBC.  Tagged deer or any deer with a tagged hole in the ear or a tattooed ear are automatically entered into the High Fence Division.
  • Tie breakers will be decided by the widest spread of the antlers.
  • Crossbows used to harvest any animal will not be eligible for the archery division. Disabled hunters can use crossbows.
  • BBC dates are based on the general hunting season for TPW.
  • Whitetail deer only allowed, open division will allow hogs.
  • All whitetail deer and hogs must be shot in the state of Texas.


  • Low Fence, highest scoring:    Deer Mount 
  • High Fence, highest scoring: Deer Mount
  • Free Youth, highest scoring: A/R 22 platform
  • Archery, highest scoring:
  • Open:
    • Spike
    • Widest spread
    • Heaviest mass
    • Biggest 6pt
    • Biggest 7pt
    • Biggest 8pt
    • Biggest 9pt
    • Heaviest doe
    • Heaviest hog

All winners will receive a hat and shirt

Other prizes: 



        Patio Cooler

        Cross bow




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